Academic Requirements


Degree of Study Theology
Credit Hours Needed to Obtain Degree 64
Typology* 3
Eschatology* 64
Monotheism* 128
Pentateuch* 160
Total Credit Hours Earned 12 (3+3+3+3=12)
Balance of Credit Hours Needed 52 (64-12=52)
* indicates course/subject of study

Semester Credit Hours

At the completion of each course, students that have taken the final exam and passed the course will be awarded 3 credit hours, that will be calculated into the total amount of credits needed for the degree of study.

Depending upon the degree being sought after (Master & Doctorate) there will be an assignment from the President's office (Dr. Joe Nelson) given that must be completed and accepted along with the required credit hours before that degree can be obtained.

See example.

Non-Degree Seeking Students

Students have the opportunity to attend classes to increase their knowledge of the word of God, without seeking a degree. In order to obtain a non degree status students must contact administration prior to starting classes.

Evaluation Criteria for External Degree

At The Living Word Apostolic Bible College students can receive transfer credits for previous post secondary education.  Additionally, students can be credited for past and/current ministry or work experience. Administration at the Living Word Apostolic Bible College will complete degree evaluations upon submission of previous work or ministry experience and degree information.  Please note that degree evaluations cost $75.00.

Bachelors Degree Core Courses

Click the link below to view required core courses for Bachelor degree seeking students.

Core Courses from Year 1 to Year 4

Hours Needed to Complete Degrees

Study Credit Hours
Diploma Ministerial Studies 32
Diploma Christian Education 32
Associate 64
Bachelor 128
Master 160
Doctorate 200

Academic Outline

  Credit Hours
Study Associate Bachelor Masters PhD
Administration 9 15 18 21
Counseling n/a 6 15 24
Theology 9/36 30/54 40/54 72
Christian Education 12 30 30/48 51
Minimum Total 64 128 160 200